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Thank you, for your interest in hosting a Blinged Out Party Private Event. I have included the requested information below. Which city and state are you interested in? Did you have a specific date in mind? Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or would like to move forward with booking your event. 


Why book a party?

  1. You get to choose 2 Blinged Out Party designs for you and your guest to create during your party.

  2. A dedicated Master Blingologist will be assigned to instruct your event and assist you and your guests with creating your masterpieces.

  3. It's the same price as our public events, $45.00 per person.

  4. There is a minimum of 10 people to have a private party. 

What kind of parties can we have?

  • 2020 Vision Board Shirt parties

  • Birthday parties

  • Bachelorette parties

  • Baby showers

  • Church groups

  • Graduation parties

  • Sorority events

  • Girl's Night Out

Absolutely any reason to get together with your GIRLS!


When can I have a party?

Parties can be held Monday-Sunday 11am-6pm, subject to Blingologist availability.


Where can I have a party?

You can have a Blinged Out Party just about anywhere! Private residence, church fellowship hall, restaurant, etc.


How do I reserve my party date and time?

Click the pink button and complete the interest form. We require a minimum of 10 participants.


How do I pay for my party?

The cost of our Private Events is $45.00 per person. The party host will reserve the desired day & time with a nonrefundable $90.00 deposit. This deposit will be applied towards 2 tickets for the party. The remaining balance for all guests must be paid one week in advance either by the host or by individual attendees. The event host is responsible for the minimum payment due for the party within one week of the party regardless of the number of registrations or attendance.


How far in advance do I need to schedule my party?

We suggest that you book your party, 2-3 weeks in advance. The minimum would be 2 weeks in advance. However, the sooner, the better! Our calendar fills up quickly on the weekends! Keep in mind that all payments are due one week from the event date. All registrations will close one week prior to the event to allow all custom items prepared and completed for accuracy.


How do I know which design I can choose for my party?

Once your private party is booked an invitation to our online design gallery is generated to view our design selections. Custom designs are available for an additional fee.


Please click the private party interest form below to start your private party process.

Thank you,


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