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  • Blinged Out Parties are the new sensation sweeping the nation. It is the new Girls Night Out Event that everyone wants to attend. 

  • The certification will teach you how to create Rhinestone T-shirts and facilitate the events where others create their own t-shirts. 

  • Learn from the best trainers in the Rhinestone T-shirt Industry.

  • Establish professional standards to become a Certified Blingologist.

  • Learn the skills to perform rhinestone t-shirt parties and events.

  • Start your own business or just learn a new skill with this certification class.

  • This is an instructional training class.

  • Train in a group setting with this course.

  • Spend a full day learning with others.

  • Put your skills to good use immediately after becoming certified.

  • You must pass the certification course with an 80% or higher. Retesting is available.

  • Don't miss this great opportunity to become a Certified Blingologist.





  • Is this a national certification?

    • Yes, this is a national certification and soon to be an international certification. 

  • Can I instruct events in different city/states?

    • Yes, you can start your own business, just learn a new skill or facilitate your own bling t-shirt parties anywhere.

  • Do I have to take an exam?

    • Yes, you must pass the exam with 80% or higher 

  • Is this an online or in person certification?

    • This is an in-person training in designated cities

    • A Rhinestone practicum and a written test is required

  • What does the certification fee include?

    • Training to facilitate a Rhinestone T-Shirt party

    • Customer Service modules

    • The difference between a public, private and fundraiser event

    • Real-time T-shirt practicum and pressing shirts 

    • Ability to start your own business as you will be provided with information on supplies and vendor information.

    • The fee also includes the USE of materials during the certification class (workstation, brush, rhinestones etc.) during the class for training.  

  • Is a kit included in the certification class and price?

    • No, you will be provided a kit to USE in class only. You will be provided the vendor information to purchase your own materials in the class module.

  • How long are the classes?

    • The class is from 9 am - 4:00 pm full day for Blingologist 

  • How much is the certification?

    • The class is $299 

  • Is this a Multi-level Marketing Plan MLM?

    • No, this is a TRAINING CERTIFICATION CLASS ONLY to teach you how to crates rhinestone t-shirts and facilitate a rhinestone T-shirt party.

Upcoming Events
Sat, Mar 14
Hilton Charlotte University Place
Charlotte 3/14/20 Blingologist Certification
Get certificated to become a Blingologist across the U.S.
Sat, Mar 07
Hilton Baltimore BWI Airport
Baltimore 3/07/20 Blingologist Certification
Get certificated to become a Blingologist across the U.S.
Sat, Feb 08
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dallas - DFW
Dallas, TX 2/08/20 Blingologist Certification
Get certificated to become a Blingologist across the U.S.

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