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  • Sat, Feb 20
    Online Blingologist Cerification
    Get certified to become a Blingologist across the U.S. You will receive the online links for the actual class before the event. You cannot share the links as they are tracked for teaching purposes.
  • Thu, Feb 04
    Blingologist Mentorship Mastermind
    You know how to make bling shirts, bling masks, and bling bags. NOW, WHAT? You have the creative side now it is time to learn the business side of the Bling Business. This is a 4-week program with weekly group sessions. You will also receive a 1:1 session to speak about your specific business.

Blingologist Certification

Become a Blingologist .

 Register for this exciting awesome and proven certification.


See Frequently asked questions below!


  • The certification will teach you how to create Rhinestone T-shirts and facilitate the events where others create their own t-shirts virtually or face to face. 

  • Learn from the best trainers in the Rhinestone T-shirt Industry.

  • Establish professional standards to become a Certified Blingologist.

  • Start your own business or just learn a new skill with this certification class.

  • This is an instructional training class.

  • All materials needed for the class will be shipped directly to you except for a heat press. Students will need their own portable or stationary heat press.

  • Put your skills to good use immediately after becoming certified.

  • You must pass the certification course with an 80% or higher. Retesting is available.

  • Don't miss this great opportunity to become a Certified Blingologist.





  • Is this a national certification?

    • Yes, this is a national certification and soon to be an international certification. 

  • Can I instruct events in different city/states?

    • Yes, you can start your own business, just learn a new skill or facilitate your own bling t-shirt parties anywhere. You can seek nine or retail with your finish products.

  • Do I have to take an exam?

    • Yes, you must pass the exam with 80% or higher 

  • Is this an online or in-person certification?

    • This is now an online training class. Due to COVID-19, all in-person training classes have been placed on hold.

    • A Rhinestone practicum and a written test is required

  • What does the certification fee include? 

    • How to create a finished rhinestone t-shirt and rhinestone face mask

    • Training to facilitate a Rhinestone T-Shirt party

    • Customer Service modules

    • The difference between a public, private and fundraiser event

    • Real-time T-shirt practicum and pressing shirts 

    • Ability to start your own business as you will be provided with information on supplies and vendor information.

    • The fee also includes the materials used during the certification class (workstation with sticky flock base, bling brush, rhinestones, tweezer, design templates, transfer paper, blank t-shirts, blank face masks, certification book, etc) 

    • Attendees will keep all materials used during the certification

  • Is a kit included in the certification class and price?

    • Yes, a small kit is included for your use during the certification call.

    • The kit includes the following.....

    • Workstation with sticky flock base

    • Bling Brush

    • Rhinestones

    • Tweezer

    • 2 piece Design Templates

    • Transfer Paper

    • Blank T-shirt

    • Blank Face Mask

    • Certification Book

  • How long are the classes?

    • The class is from 9 am - 4:00 pm full day for Blingologist  with a 1-hour lunch break

  • How much is the certification and when is the next class?

    • The class is $350 

    • The next online class will take place on 8/8/2020

    • Registration opens on 1/18/2021 and will close on 1/31/2021 to allow time for everyone to receive their materials in the mail.

    • Don't wait as classes have limited seats and will sell out.

    • Our in-person classes would sell out quickly before the COVID-19 pandemic and we expect our online classes to sell out even faster. 

  • Is this a Multi-level Marketing Plan MLM?

    • No, this is a TRAINING CERTIFICATION CLASS ONLY to teach you how to create rhinestone t-shirts, rhinestone masks and facilitate a rhinestone T-shirt party.

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